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Manter Mark was established in 1932.  The business goal of the company for many of its early years was to produce and supply public libraries with printed bookmarks sponsored by local community businesses.  The bookmarks provided the libraries a way to convey important information to their patrons while reducing demands on the always budget limited staffs.  The sponsor benefited by the exposure of their business to a literate cross section of the community.


The bookmarks were designed with a die cut page tab.  This helps reduce damage to the libraries precious books.  Patrons like the style of these bookmarks and often save them to use again and again.  So the bookmarks keep working for the library and the sponsor.


In the late 1980’s Manter Mark expanded it’s marketing by selling bookmarks to retail and religious bookstores and then later to online booksellers.  These booksellers want to promote their bookstore and to communicate to their customers where they bought the book they are enjoying.  Their bookmarks typically contain location, telephone number, email address, web address, types of books they sell, and any special services they offer such as online ordering.


In the mid 1990’s with the proliferation of digitally encoded and bar coded library cards a need was created for a cardholder, card sleeve, to protect these encoded cards.  Manter Mark, upon increasing requests from libraries for such a product, created and started producing library cardholders.  The product is designed to have important library information on one side and a tasteful sponsor ad on the other side.  These same cardholders are being used in other applications such as ATM cardholders and membership cardholders.


In 2003 Manter Mark expanded its marketing of these products by acquiring Community Advertising, a company specializing in the production and marking of these cardholders.  Their customers were incorporated into our customer base and we have been servicing them since.


Manter Mark is a Certified Woman Owned Business.

A message from our President

"Having raised three children of my own I can appreciate the importance of public libraries and all they have to offer for both young families and seniors.  I also recognize the opportunity for businesses to promote their services and connect with their local community through sponsoring a budget strained library.  I’m thrilled that through Manter Mark we are able to help meet these needs for both public libraries and local businesses across the United States."


Elizabeth Keough, President

Manter Mark

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