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Manter Mark has been supplying bookmarks and library cardholders to public libraries since 1932.  We are committed to provide products that are lasting and helpful to libraries, while also affordable to local business sponsors.  These bookmarks and library cardholders are most often supplied by local banks, realtors, insurance agencies, or other prominent local businesses who advertise on them.  Our proprietary “die cut loop” or “die cut page tab” has many benefits for the library, patrons of the library, and sponsors of the bookmarks.

Why Libraries Love Manter Mark Bookmarks & Cardholders
  • Our products are FREE to the library when Manter Mark finds a sponsor for them

  • Our products are an easy way to keep important library information in front of your patrons like the name of the library, address, phone numbers, web site, email, and hours of operation

  • The die cut page tab on our bookmarks allow it to be hung on a page and not tucked into the spine of the book. If books are returned to the library with bookmarks in them they can be easily spotted and removed reducing stress on the precious spine of the book.

  • Our bookmarks and cardholders are a great way to communicate the library’s additional services such as WiFi, audio books, free Internet, story times for children, ebooks, and local history collection


  • Patrons love the die cut page tab on our bookmarks so they tend to reuse them again and again, keeping all of the library information in front of it’s patrons


  • Our bookmarks prevent book pages from being turned down


  • Our cardholders protect digitally encoded and bar-coded library cards

It's easy to get started. If your library would like free bookmarks or cardholders that your patrons will love contact us now.​

Library Testimonials

"Thank you for our beautiful bookmarks.  They were a great way to announce the opening of our newly built library and new hours of operation."

"With the limited budget we have our cardholders were a great way to keep our new hours visible to all that use our library.  Thank you for finding a sponsor for these, otherwise they wouldn't be possible."

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