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"The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library."
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Manter Mark produces bookmarks and cardholders for use by public and private libraries, retail and online bookstores, religious bookstores, museums, gift shops, banks, and for other specialty applications. The bookmarks and library cardholders (also known as card sleeves) are most often supplied to libraries free of charge because they are sponsored by a local business.  A tasteful sponsor ad is included on the product.   Manter Mark takes the responsibility for finding and securing these sponsors.  Sometimes Friends of the Library sponsor them and promote their association.  These bookmarks are used to convey important information to the library patrons.

Others buy these products to promote their business, or to promote a special program or event.  Our cardholders, primarily used as library cardholders, are also used as Debit Card holders, and as membership card holders.  Our bookmarks have been used as tickets for special events, for author speaking series, for special reading programs, for awards and gift certificates.




Manter Mark has produced over 60 million bookmarks and 2.5 million library cardholders for public libraries since 1932. We are committed to providing products that are lasting and helpful to libraries, while also affordable to local business sponsors.  Our proprietary “die cut loop” or “die cut page tab” has many benefits for the library, patrons of the library, and sponsors of the bookmarks.




Manter Mark has been supplying bookmarks and library cardholders to public libraries since 1932.  Nearly 2,500 businesses throughout the United States have connected with their local communities through Manter Mark bookmarks and cardholders.  We are committed to providing products that are lasting and helpful to libraries, while also affordable to local business sponsors.



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